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pilot dapp

Combined Web3 API to building better dApp.  Our pilot Alavanche C-Chain Mainnet token – “Kathay” was launched sucessfully.  Whats Next …
…  along various online communities to launching more Ethereum dApp … 
… besides Staking for Dividend Scheme operations; for charity, we use Crowdfunding dApp for some Social projects fundraising; also, NFT Gallery with users Mint(self-offering service) are undergoing!

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Fuji chain

Cathay Arts follow AVAX Network of Alavanche Foundation of best ideas on dApp development together with their well-establish FUJI Chain.  As of August 5, 2022, we’re ready “Kathay”, our own Ethereum Coinage to building on top of various innovative projects.

Gaming Blockchain technology to developing our true "Metaverse" with VR/AR/MR/XR together!

Web3 dApp

Staking incentive to compensate secured Server Node of our virtual network infrastructure.


Alavanche special delivery of "Developing Envivronment". CI/CD DevOps always.



"Kathay", Ethereum 2.0 Coinage

Use fashionable EVM from Moralis, AllNodes, Infuru, etc. building applicable solutions - dApp ...
Dr. Boris Kwok
Kathay developer