About Us

Our history

Since 1950's

By a group of American Chinese investments, Cathay Arts & Co. started manufacturing "Fine Chinese Furniture" and selling to western communities.

Between 1964 and 1964, Cathay Arts' director, Mr. Harry Kwok led team and establish tentative showroom to demonstrate Hong Kong manufactured.

Decades ago, Cathay Arts artisan and cohort insist on Chinese furniture manufacturing, one by one open showroom at Honolulu, Seattle, New York, and various point of sale at Tsim Sha Tsui. Today, successor, the only son of Mr. Harry Kwok, Mr. Boris Kwok, renew and transform Cathay Arts into combined E-tail and Blockchain Company, on-going business at Hong Kong.

Today's Cathay Arts

Service Portfolio
Kubernetes Cloud Project
System Development & Design
I.T. Security Consultation
Joint Fintech Development (DLT/HLT)
Joint FinTech Development (Ethereum Technology)


Signed "ERC-20 Smart Contract", blockchain on Alvanche C-Chain.


DeFi fundraising target 15 to 19 millions to furhter development.

Node Builder

Integrator of Kubernetes and Ethereum-ready Node server.


We’re using ERC-20 for “Kathay” and creating future pilot project of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collaterals.  ERC-20, already the international standard of exchangible cryptocurrencies todays. 

And, Kubernetes another standard of Blockchain’s Node server Master/Worker architecture.

“Since 2007, I had been investing over 16,034 startup pilot projects include Blockchain.  In 2009, I joined Bitcoin material exploration independently, started from 2013, join Ethereum development and building Private Chain for own VCT business use.  Today, I’ve participated Alavanche C-Chain to deliver “Kathay Coin” on market to further into Tokenomics.”

Boris Kwok



“My mother, Letitia To was virgin married my father, Harry Kwok.  Born me at the fifth, and after growth, she kept her love and promise to support all my impossible missions of Blockchain exploration.  Today, I’ve published Letitia Coin – LETC$ for these years of struggling, forgiving, and parental educations with morality so much.”  She, Dr. Litt. by Natural Law.

Letitia To