About Us

1950 Est. 1963 Chartered. 2021 Reinc.

Brief History

Since 1950, Cathay arts was a "Fine Classical Chinese Furniture" manufacturer. After decades of world exhibition and multi national storefront selling, today transformed into I.T. Service Provider.


China manufactured export worldwide with excellent care of shipping, is another division of today’s Cathay Arts business; which includes Computing products, Smart wearables, and more!


Interconnected with Trustpilot social rating system, Cathay Arts provides brand equity solution to boost your product presence on the internet!

Product Specific

Our product expert helps any brand of software and hardware troubleshoot, administration, and DevOps, GitOps, NetSecOps technical issues without hassle time wastage!

Managed Service

Accepted any size of Campus LAN, SD-WAN, and Multi-Cloud infrastructure administration through service leases program.

Global Presence

79 locations of service centers, well ready and equipped to standby for your service enquiries or work orders. Expert level technical team members to provide you on-the-time service excellency.

Kubernetes Parnter of
Cloud Native Foundation

HKSAR Government Supplier

Thousand SMEs Choice

Cathay Arts expert team provides pitch based knowledge management service together with on-the-hand computing appliances configuration.

With Kubernetes relevance technologies and systems, Cathay Arts enhance your Cloud Infrastructure as Code and Real Time analytical monitoring capabilities.

Over 4,500 public APIs connectivities available in many industrial sectors; as the same time, DevOps, GitOps, and NetSecOps publish and provisioning; guarantee your microservice delivering at service level!

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