Lubin Kwok

Director, President


Since 1896, China was being the great revolutionary transformation to become a democratic nation.  Mr. KWOK Kim-bo was striving deliver Chinese wooden arts to the world from homeland, Dongyang, Zhejiang.


Experiencing World Wars then Civil War, Mr. KWOK Kim-bo decided settledown at British colonial Hong Kong, he had born three sons, the third son is Mr. KWOK Nang-fuk, Harry.


Mr. KWOK Nang-fuk, Harry grown up and studied Arts and Design at Manhattan, New York City.  After that, he was joined Seattle’s World Expo and got successful promtion of Chinese wooden arts through that window.

50's to 80's

In 1950’s, Cathay Arts was incorporated at colonial Hong Kong, and Mr. KWOK Nang-fuk, Harry taken responsibilities as Director operating elegant boutique storefront at Pennisula Hotel, Kowloon.

80's to 00's

After almost 30 years of operations, Mr. KWOK Long-sein, Lubin was borned in 78’s.  He who had been studying commercial personalities, and then, inherited Cathay Arts operations authorisation from his father Mr. KWOK Nang-fuk, Harry.

00's to Present

After 2011 voluntary dissovle, Mr. KWOK Long-sein, Lubin decided to reopen Cathay Arts and transformed it to be an online diamond shop, Cathay Arts Shop, which was incorporated at Hong Kong SAR in 2021 and continue using company name, Cathay Arts Company Limited.

Today, Cathay Arts Shop has been grand opening to deliver colour diamonds worldwide.  It has been partnered with DHL ecommerce for logistics among top 100 cities of the world.

Cathay Arts Shop was fully owned by Cathay Arts Company Limited, which was registered as guarantee limited company and had been authorised $50 Trillion in Hong Kong dollars.  Cathay Arts Company Limited has global personality provisioning many different kind of businesses worldwide. 

Cathay Arts Company Limited absolutely abiding Private International Law in global trade, and compliance with both Common Laws and Contiental Laws.  Also, Cathay Arts Shop was “GO GREEN” of UNCTAD’s Global Enterprise Registration program of United Nations.

    • Trade name: Cathay Arts Company Limited
    • Business nature: Corporation
    • Company Identity number: 3090619
    • Business Registration number: 74316349-000-10-21-9
    • Registered Office : 6/F Kimberley Plaza, 45-47 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, PR China.

Cathay Arts Shop is carrying out colour diamonds selling business online.  Another business is alternative investment business, Ameknow Company, which provide “Webtrader” Internet service and doing Blockchain trading.

Mr. Xa Yu Lap

Honourable President

Mr. Kenneth To

Honourable Director

Mr. Harry Kwok

Honourable Director