Comming on 16th August, 2022

Through  Binance Smart Chain Mainnet, one of the world most active Blockchain "Chain" (Cashbox); Letitia Coin as one of such representative digital coinage, we're striving for pair with FIAT forex, primary Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. and proposing various global markeplace, eCommerce platforms, and Payment Gateways started from Metamask and its payment gateway, finally transfering between multiple global credit networks: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner, JCB, and also JETCO. Letitia Coin created for compensating retiree whose without pension scheme or today's Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund elders. Agreed with Corporate Secretary, Ms. Letitai To, her hounor of Doctor of Letters affirmed by Natural Laws, her only son, Mr. Boris Kwok success the hounourable degree of Dr. Litt., and carrying out this societal, charitable global initial offering of LETC$, self-owned, created digital coinage by Blockchain technology of FINTECH. For 16 years of exploration, research, studies, testing and development, Mr. Boris Kwok grasped the key of Blockchain delivery, trading, and global financial markets behaviour.  Mr. Boris Kwok was certified FMVA, global pledged identity, 22230757, which is qualification of International Finance practitioner awarded by North America's leading institute - Corporate Finance Institute.  Corporate Finance Institute in short, CFI, existence consulting business among International Finance Centres: the London of UK, the New York of  US, and the Hongkong of PR China, their headquarter based, the Vancouver of Canada. CathayArts Coin was created on 12/7/2022 with corporate resolution of Cathay Arts Company Limited's Board of Directors.  Global Initial Offering dated on 16/8/2022, Cash valuation around 2.5 billions H.K. dollars if cash tradeout.  The Fair Market Value will be recorded accordingly on the future market efficiency and volume performance.  LEI global financial instrument identity, ISIN global financial asset identity, and related International Legal instrumentation with Book-making are in progress.  We look forward of LETC$ success and bringing true benefits to holders, traders, also societal stakeholders!  God bless your life.  Cheers.