NFT Developer

Cathay Arts Company Limited

Non-Fungible Technology

Cathay Arts NFT Gallery team is going to launching long-term research in the Mainland China, and onsite NFT Mint Batch offices.

To fulfill this position, candidate need to have artistic sense and vision art studies experience.

NFT Developer Responsibilities:

  • True understanding of taxonomy and indexing knowledge
  • Practical experience in Neo4jDB, PostgreSQL/PostgreAdmin, or InfluxDB
  • Hands-on experience in Crop, Resize, Dimension, and some Affluent skills on digital image
  • Basic legal studies specified Pledge, Charges, Mortgage and Lien
  • Good sense of Chinese History, best to interesting BC2000 or earlier legendary
  • Overseeing Gallery portfolio analytics
  • Direct Labour, Direct Materials and Overhead costing management

NFT Developer Requirements:

  • Without prejudice on umpire different cultural environment
  • Without religious discriminations
  • Good sense of clothing, catering, construction, utensils and equipment mechanics
  • Social Media platforms experience like, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meta Business, etc.
  • Video shooting favourite, notes taking and recording oftenly
  • Good travel journal writings

Compensation, Fringe and Benefits:

  • 100% China traveling
  • By item bonus
  • Standard HKSAR Employment Ordinance protection
  • Impossible live enrichment opportunities!