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Built on ERC-20 Blockchain standard, running on Alvanche C-Chain Mainnet, “Kathay” is an actual state-of-the-art cryptocurrency.  

The nature of “Kathay” is created as dApp by Ethereum, its tradable, high-level security, lightning transfer, and original from Hong Kong based Blockchain Company, Cathay Arts Company Limited.  We’re going to expose it worldwide!

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Hongkong dApp

Kathay, the name of our self-created Ethereum coinage adopted to running on Alvanche C-Chain Mainnet. This is our pilot project's deliverable on DLT. Our upcoming Blockchain projects are all emcompassing Kathay to building our thematic Metaverse, tentative name "Kathay Nation".


"Even I'm 74 years old this year 2022, I still have energy to raising my only son, Boris to achieve this Blockchain global offering project. Kathay Coin born with my personal support."
Ms. Letitia To
Natural Lawyer
"Thanks God and ancestors, my silly boy finally create something. Personally speaking, as elderly 87 years old, I only hope peaceful, stable and little contribution to humankind through Boris handcraft."
Mr. Harry Kwok
Honourable Director
"For 16 years of Techno venture, I experienced over 16 thousands of pilot projects; this time, found KAYC$ to provisioning Blockchain service would be a new page of my business life."
Mr. Boris Kwok
Successor, Executive

Blockchain Brief

1. Blockchain History -

Dr. Satoshi publlish cyrptography dissertation about Bitcoin, after that, in 2008, group of developer built Bitcoin network and materialize that thesis.  In 2014, the next generation of cryptography technology – Ethereum born; buid on top were dozen of thousand cryptocurrencies throughout the market.

4. Behind "Kathay" -

“Kathay”, symbol KAYC$, an actual Ethereum cryptocurrency back by Smart Contract.  Same nature as other cryptocurrencies, it’s using Chain of interconnected and replicating Databases – Node Servers to delivering conveyance.  “Kathay” are using Alavanche C-Chain Mainnet, an up-to-the-date, lightning in speed, biggest volumes, and most incentive secured Blockchain(Money) Network.

2. Why Blockchain -

Simply speaking, Money Creation.  For the purpose of solve scared money supply, especially currency notes(bank notes) issues, world developers unites time and energy to building Cryptocurreny as solution.  Today, CeFi exchanges, even DeFi personal wallet(cash account) banking become the pilot and success of Blockchain technology.

"Kathay" future -

Not only FinTech, but RegTech, WealthTech, EdTech, GameTech, and much much more dApp applicable would be implemented.  DApp the software built from Ethereum, and dApp the application built from Alavanche!

3. Blockchain jargon -

Smart Contract, a bunch of automated codes to substitute the role of Bank(Fed Reserve); DeFi makes distributed ledger feasible in Peer-to-Peer values conveyance; CeFi some marketplace provides storing values, trading, peg rates presence, centralized guarantor; ETH the symbol of Ether, the money abbreviation, same as BTC, the Bitcoin; Swap makes money exchange happen; Trade separate into Buy or Sell two sides.

6. Our services -

Cathay Arts response to HKSAR Government planning on Smart City, dedicated to deliver “Kathay”, a neo cryptocurrency to demonstrate our company’s capabilities on building Smarts or relevance.  We hope better Hong Kong future through co-operative, well communication, and joint ventures sincerely.